Why Modular Conveyors?

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A customer installed an M-Series SMART Conveyor™ a few years ago to transfer shavings from a screener to a bucket elevator. While happy with our conveyor, the customer regretted not having replaced the bucket elevator when he installed BE&E’s machine. The elevator required too much maintenance, and to this day he has wanted to eliminate it from the process.

Now, if he had installed any other drag conveyor feeding the bucket elevator, replacing the elevator would prove much more expensive, as he’d have to replace the bucket elevator and the conveyor feeding it—most drag conveyors are not modular, so he couldn’t reuse it in a new configuration.

Fortunately, however, he has a SMART Conveyor™. SMART Conveyors™ are built in modular sections that customers can reconfigure or build onto when the need arises. That means our customer can simply add a curve and several straight sections to his existing M-Series conveyor to elevate the material. He wouldn’t need to buy a new conveyor at all!

This is only one scenario in which owning a modular conveyor proves advantageous. There are others, three of which are:

  1. Facilities grow, sometimes in planned phases and other times organically over the years. A modular conveyor enables you to add onto your current conveyors without having to purchase entirely new units.
  2. Layout changes. We know there are sites in which the floor plan hasn’t changed in a century. But there are others that, at one time or another, have found it beneficial to rearrange their equipment, in part or whole. SMART Conveyors™ are excellent for such scenarios because customers can reconfigure them to fit various space constraints.
  3. Even the best drag conveyors on the market can incur damage. If one or more conveyor sections are unrepairable, customers can simply replace those modules and keep the rest of the machine, saving them major expense to replace the whole machine.

Interested in learning more? Visit the information page on our website! Smart Conveyors™ – BE&E (beande.com)

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