Transfer Equipment for Hemp Processing, CBD Oil Production

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Hemp has attracted many to venture into the manufacturing world. As exciting as this may be, it comes with challenges. Many hemp entrepreneurs have no background in manufacturing and therefore lack a network of trustworthy engineers and industrial suppliers. To make things more difficult, many so-called experts have popped up with solutions for hemp processing who lack a background in engineering and seasoned support.

You don’t want to get stuck with hemp transfer and hemp storage systems that are inefficient or which don’t work well. You need professionals who will understand your system as a whole and design it to run as efficiently as possible.

BE&E isn’t a hemp pop-up company. We have years of experience transferring and storing biomaterials like miscanthus grass and stringy bark. We can design a proper material handling system for your hemp facility. We’re partners you can trust to produce a sound, automated solution designed to save you from spending an arm and a leg on maintenance, downtime, and replacement parts.

Review our solutions below, and contact us to discuss your challenges!

We offer complete engineering, construction, and installation for:

Hemp Transport

Hemp Bale Infeed

Hemp Biomass Bulk Receiving

To and From Decorticator

Bulk Storage for Hemp Biomass, Hurd, Bast

To and From Biomass Driers

Bulk Load Out for Biomass, Hurd, Bast

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