Trailer Loading for WDDGS at Ethanol Plants

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Loading wet cake / WDDGS from the slab using a wheel loader is a time-consuming process that requires heavy investment. The process can frustrate truckers as they wait for an employee to arrive with the wheel loader. And when it’s done, there’s often a mess of wasted product.

The entire process is cumbersome and, considering the cost of a wheel loader, expensive.

Reduce your operational costs, clean up your operation, and reduce your reliance on hard-to-find labor by automating wet cake loadout with SMART Containers and a trailer loading station.

The SMART Containers utilize a push-pull stroker system that meters the output of wet cake into a SMART Conveyor™, which feeds the trailer loading station. Trailers can pull in under the station, and an employee can switch on the wet cake loadout system with the push of a button.