Storage Options—A Modular Approach to Increase Capacity Tomorrow

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SMART Containers are a great solution for storing and feeding your material. We have refined our system into a modular approach that allows you to scale the package to the size you need now and easily increase the capacity in the future.

Installation is a snap because everything is made ready to set on a simple foundation. You can pour the support walls, and we’ll do the rest. Smaller systems can be installed in a weekend.

Our SMART Containers start with a 20′-53′ open-top sea container. To this, we add our rock-solid SMART Floor system, a roof with a distribution conveyor, a walkway, and railings to deliver a complete modular package ready to drop in place.

How much storage would you like to build?

The possibilities are limitless. Start with a single floor and go higher and wider with boxes as you need.

SMART Container exterior - web

This is an example of the most basic double-stack system. This gives you approximately two trailer loads of storage and metered feeding to your boiler or process. It’s easy to add on a trailer receiving station.

double stacked containers


The next step would be a triple stack:

triple stack containers

Simply scale it to the volume you need. Now or later!

stacked modular storage from reused sea containers

When using multiple bins side by side you have built-in redundancy because each bin can be powered separately.

silo boiler and storage bins

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