SMART Conveyors™ Decrease Operational Costs

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We understand what it’s like to work in operations. Our founder, Dane Floyd, came from such a background. You’re constantly analyzing how you can decrease costs, increase efficiency, and eliminate downtime. You understand that an investment here or there can pay dividends, and you’re not interested in quick fixes so much as strategic, long-term solutions.

It’s with this mindset Dane has led BE&E. His philosophy has always been to provide superior products that benefit our customers in the long run. Thus, quality, performance, and reliability have been integral to how we design our machines, and it’s why we confidently back them with a one-year warranty against factory defects.

SMART Conveyors™ exemplify Dane’s attitude toward design. Not content with the solutions available to the biomass industry, Dane set out to create something better. And he did—SMART Conveyors™ now set the bar for drag conveyors across industrial sectors. Consider some of the ways our conveyors decrease operational costs:

  • Their unique design eliminates wear and friction associated with paddle drag
  • The lack of friction makes the conveyors are more efficient in general than other drag conveyors and up to 25x more efficient than pneumatic systems.
  • Components are easier to access than in many drag conveyors, which saves technicians time while performing repairs and maintenance.
  • Their ability to incline materials at steep angles (up to 90°) means one SMART Conveyor™ can often replace multiple machines.
  • Their fully enclosed design contains dust, which reduces cleanup.
  • Engineered fail points, proper safety factors, and robust components make our conveyors among the most reliable drag systems available, resulting in less unscheduled downtime.

SMART Conveyors™ are built to keep your facility churning out products. If your bulk-handling systems are stealing uptime or your maintenance crews spend an atrocious amount of time maintaining these systems to prevent them from stealing uptime, contact us. Let us present you with a solution that will benefit your operation in the long haul.

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