Roller/Rotary Debarkers from BE&E

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Manufacturers often turn to drum debarkers for high-volume demands. These machines come with some major drawbacks, however, which have been addressed by roller (or rotary) debarkers. In short, drum debarkers:

  • Require time-intensive maintenance (replacing rifters takes a crew of welders weeks to accomplish)
  • Commonly form cracks from corrosion
  • Require large, expensive components (e.g. 500-hp drives, mining-sized pinions, gates)
  • Do not debark frozen wood well (or at all) without pre-treating the logs
  • Result in high fiber loss
  • Leave a high percentage of bark on the logs
  • Cannot be adjusted for changes in conditions and log species

Roller debarkers don’t have these issues, which is why they’ve grown in popularity since they arrived in North America in the late ’90s.

BE&E offers a roller debarker for high-volume debarking applications. Our debarker is composed of one to three modules 13 meters long and widths varying according to log length. Rollers are powered by two, 55 kW motors and one, 30 kW motor.

The debarker can handle volumes up to 150 tons per hour with three modules and accepts logs with diameters between 3 and 32 in. and lengths between 40 in. and 20 ft.

To see a video of the debarker, click here.

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