Material Handling: Hemp

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Businesses that process hemp in a factory setting may find the stalks a challenging material to convey. Depending on the setup, a processor may need to convey hemp stalks from receiving to the decorticator. As stalks travel down the conveyor, they can potentially catch crannies in the conveyor trough and form a bridge, thereby obstructing the flow of material. This is a problem not only because it will disrupt the flow but because it can make a mess and will require laborious attention.

To address this, processors can opt for troughed belt conveyors, which will keep stalks from catching the sides of the conveyor. Troughed belt conveyors are more expensive than flat belt conveyors, however, and processors may not want the stalks piled in the center of the conveyor as they enter the decorticator.

Drag conveyors, while more efficient than belt conveyors, are a poor choice for hemp stalks due to the length and varying size of the stalks.

Our solution to this problem is simple: one-piece belt conveyors. We field weld and smooth all sections, so there is no place for stalks to catch.

Features of our conveyor include:

  • One-piece, seamless tray
  • Rollers are only used in the tail section, so dust collects in one spot
  • Powered by direct drive
  • Optional metal detector available
  • A variety of belt materials are available

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