Material Handling for Pellet Lines

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Bulk receiving? Yes.
Screening? Yes.
Log handling? Yes.
Log processing? Yes.
Infeed? Yes.
Storage? Yes.
Reclaim? Yes.
Metering? Yes.
Surge control? Yes.
Load out? Yes.
Turn-key service? Yes.

BE&E supplies complete systems for manufacturing woody pellets. We’re adept at handling both whole logs and sized biomass—chips or shavings—and have experience with numerous non-woody materials such as stover, dried DDGS, and animal feed. Our equipment is designed for optimal performance for long-term value that lasts decades—not months or a handful of years.

If you’d like to see visuals of our expertise, click here to watch the latest upload to our YouTube channel.

More information on our equipment and services related to handling pellets is available in the following resources: