A Log-Handling Powerhouse: Exploring the Smart Design of BE&E Log Decks and Troughs

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At BE&E, we offer log-handling systems for both hardwood and softwood industries. We are happy to provide turn-key systems as well as individual machines, including decks and troughs, sorting and bucking lines, debarkers, hourglass rollcases, and waste conveyors. We understand the demands of the industry and focus on the most robust, yet efficient, designs for machines that work better and last longer. We are certain that our equipment will allow our customers to increase their production while decreasing their costs. Let’s take a closer look at what makes them so superior.

Log Decks

The typical log deck design with a common head shaft requires massive (and expensive) components. The shafts, bearings, and gearboxes are so large they become difficult to maintain and replace. We looked at these issues and came up with a design that satisfies the need for efficiency. Our log decks have independent strands, each with its own individual drive, with bearings and shafts that are small enough you won’t need a crane to handle them. This means replacing them is easier, faster, and costs less money.
The smaller, more efficient drive systems save a great deal of energy that would have been spent on excessive horsepower. Our design uses a lower horsepower motor to drive each strand, with the total HP required typically much less than if we had driven the entire system with a common gearmotor. In addition, installation goes faster with typically only ten bolts to install a strand on the base frame. This feature aids in overcoming the challenge of weight and alignment requirements that tend to slow the installation of most other systems. These differences in design can save you hours at installation and again when replacing a deck.

Log Troughs

With our desire to improve log-handling equipment, we also designed smarter log troughs. Like our log decks, BE&E’s troughs are built with superior engineering. We laser cut our parts for maximum accuracy, and every part simply locks together during assembly. For example, our chain guides can be dropped into their slots, driven in, and tack welded which allows the guides to be replaced with ease. It’s all in the details, even down to the use of through bolts instead of tapped holes to prevent the parts from rusting in place. When it’s time to replace the floor liners, cut the bolts, lift out the old parts, drop in the new parts, and install new bolts. These through bolts are an example of the high-performing, relatively inexpensive solutions we design every day.

These log deck and trough improvements show our commitment to you to produce equipment that is long-lasting and superior. However, our superior engineering doesn’t stop. We continually take a closer look at how our products are used to ensure that they provide the best possible performance for our customers. Our team of engineers is constantly listening to your feedback, testing and improving our products.

The benefits of using our equipment will quickly become evident, and you’ll soon see why we’re the smart choice for your log-handling needs. Our machines work harder so you don’t have to.

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