Improve Metering Bin Flow

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We recently mentioned two improvements to our metering lineup: a redesigned centering bin and a “mini” surge bin to even the flow out of our SMART Conveyors™. Today, we’ll dive into these products further.

Better Flow

Biomass metering bin. Improved metering bin for biomass by BE&E

The previous model of our center metering bin served us well for years with the material it was originally designed for. However, for some material and particle sizes, the openings and screw sizes were a bit too small, causing flow and plug issues.

To improve the design, we used a larger diameter screw and gave it a larger discharge point. We also changed the slope angles. The changes ensure material gets distributed evenly over the screws and flows from the system without issue.

Better Metering

"Mini" surge bin for BE&E's SMART Conveyors™. Continuous biomass flow. Top view.Mini Surge Bin for Paddle Conveyor Continuous Outfeed Flow Top View

Our SMART Conveyors™ use paddles with spaces between them to push material along the trough to the discharge point. Because of this, the material is in small piles in front of each paddle inside the conveyor and is discharged as such in “surges”. The conveyors provide constant flow rather than continuous flow.

While the small surges aren’t usually a problem, we came across a customer for which it was. Their process required an uninterrupted stream of biomass. It could not tolerate surges of any size.

So, we designed a “mini” surge bin to regulate the flow from our conveyor. The bin consists of a small surge area and a single auger trough. As material exits the conveyor, it keeps the bin flooded, which continuously meters it out.

We’re willing to do what it takes to ensure our customers’ bulk handling systems work well, even if we don’t have the solution in our library. Learn more about what we currently offer on our website, then contact us with your unique challenges.