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ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance Initiatives) has grown from an initiative to societal responsibility in recent years. It highlights concerns plaguing the manufacturing and material handling industries about the world at large. It begs us to ask ourselves the question, “How can we as a business do our part in creating a better future?” According to ESG practices, we answer this question by evaluating our business practices’ impact on the environment, society, and human rights.

Furthermore, implementing an ESG strategy can help businesses achieve several other objectives, including reducing risks, improving operations, and building customer and employee trust, which BE&E’s equipment helps achieve.

BE&E believes in supporting industries with the safest, most efficient material handling equipment. This not only improves your bottom line but your entire operation and the quality of our world.


The SMART Conveyor™ is engineered to be the most efficient conveyor system on the market. It runs the chains in dedicated channels outside the material path and keeps the paddles from touching the floor and sidewalls. This reduces unnecessary contact between steel and effectively reduces internal friction. Therefore, the conveyor uses less energy to move its components than other drag conveyors and can focus its horsepower on moving materials.

In practical terms, this means SMART Conveyors™ routinely need half the horsepower of other drag-chain systems and ten to fifty times less than pneumatic handling systems.

This design also reduces the wear on the conveyor and extends its life span, which frees employees to work on other critical tasks.


Equipment from BE&E is also known for its enhanced safety features. All our machines are NFPA® compliant and are built to protect your employees and your operation. We offer dust-tight equipment with spark detectors and deluge systems. Plus, our conveyors are equipped with a series of fail points to protect critical components from damage. Our design ensures you can run safely and with peace of mind when you properly maintain and inspect the equipment.

In addition, because our conveyors are more reliable than our competitors’ systems, they can effectively reduce unscheduled downtime for maintenance. This eliminates many safety risks for technicians because emergency downtime situations are when pressure is at its highest, and workers are more likely to make mistakes.


Are your material-handling systems ESG-friendly? We’ve developed an ESG checklist for evaluating material handling practices.

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