Dragging Change in the Workplace: Pushing for Better Equipment

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We understand why you haven’t suggested to upper management that the company replace its material handling equipment. Although the equipment breaks down, slows (or halts) production, leaks dust everywhere and draws resources away from expensive production machinery, it’s not worth the risk. If something goes wrong with a new system, you’ll carry the blame. And you’ll still have to fight cruddy equipment as you did before.

That’s all possible. But despite the risk, rewards can come with installing new—and better—material handling systems. Consider the following:

  1. Well-performing systems exist. The conveyors at your plant (and those you’ve worked at in the past) may be rubbish, but that doesn’t mean all conveyors are. The reason you’ve likely come across so many terrible conveyors is these systems are commonly undervalued during plant builds; attention and budgetary allocations tend to rest on the expensive islands of production, not on transfer equipment. Many plants, therefore, get stuck with junk instead of well-performing machines like our SMART Conveyors™. We designed our SMART Conveyors™ to perform well with less downtime and better efficiency. We have many of these systems in the field working hard every day without issue.
  2. With better systems, you’ll deal with fewer emergency shutdowns and fewer costly repairs.
  3. With better systems, you’ll eliminate a production bottleneck.
  4. With better systems, you can spend your time and resources elsewhere.
  5. With better systems, you won’t have to touch those awful, headache-inducing conveyors (or receiving equipment or loadout equipment) anymore.

If these points don’t outweigh the risk, consider speaking with upper management about an incentive for increasing production and decreasing costs. Our SMART Conveyors™ are made for maximum ROI, so although they cost more upfront than other solutions, they’re designed to reduce operational and maintenance expenses during the machine’s life. That’s worth considering—as well as not having to shut down production for unplanned repairs.

Advocating for SMART Conveyors™ from BE&E is a smart choice. They’ll benefit you and your employer. Who can refuse a win-win?

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