Drag Chain Conveyors Now Available in 10 Days

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Yes, it’s possible. And no, it’s not a mistake. SMART Conveyors™ are available with a lead time of ten business days upon BE&E receiving your signed approval drawings.[1]

How is this possible? We’ve got Scott Lawson, our chief operations officer.

Scott has increased the efficiency of our production processes and stockpiled long-lead items that previously required that we schedule all our conveyors months in advance. Improvements Scott has initiated include:

  • Altering the layout and process flow at the conveyor assembly building
  • Installing a second assembly line
  • Adding fabrication and forming equipment
  • Expanding our heavy fabrication shop
  • Hiring a dedicated inventory manager
  • Stockpiling gearmotors of common power increments
  • Stabilizing retention among production employees
  • Initiating processes and procedures to facilitate communication

We’re proud to further benefit our customers by offering fast turnarounds on our drag conveyors.

Do you need a conveyor ASAP? Have questions? Contact us today to discuss your requirements!

[1] Restrictions apply. This offer is only available for applications that accept common gearmotor sizes. Ten-day turnarounds are available by request only and do not apply to other BE&E equipment. Special requests may extend the lead time. Rush fees apply.

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