Deluge System for Enclosed Conveyor Fire Mitigation

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The 2020 edition of NFPA 664 states that manufacturers must supply fire protection and explosion mitigation systems where fire, flash fire, and explosion hazards exist. Come September when operations are required to complete their dust hazard analysis, we suspect many will realize they’re noncompliant with the rules.

When that time comes, be assured that BE&E has solutions. We can provide engineering assistance for layouts, and we can supply you with enclosed material handling systems that will keep dust—and fires and explosions—under control.

One of our solutions is our bolt-on deluge system, available for all series of SMART Conveyors™. Below is a short FAQ on this component.

Why do I need a fire mitigation system?

The NFPA requires fire mitigation if your system handles combustive material like dried wood or sawdust. You put your operation and profitability at risk if you are not prepared to fight fires: fire marshals can shut you down if you are non-compliant, and insurance companies may cancel your policy or charge you exorbitant fees.

Can I add a deluge system to my existing SMART Conveyor™?

Yes, the deluge port replaces the standard top panel on any M- or S-series conveyor. Deluge nozzles can be placed at 5′ or 10′ centers.

Can I add a deluge system to other enclosed conveyors?

We will work with you to equip your enclosed conveyors with our deluge system. We will supply top panels, which you can cut to fit your machine.

How effective is the spray pattern in knocking down a fire?

Deluge nozzles are designed specifically for fire suppression. The system works best when paired with a spark detection system that activates the nozzles in the conveyor as material travels through the system.

What else would I need to install this?

The deluge system can be integrated into an existing fire suppression system using automatic solenoid valves. It can also be used as a stand-alone system with a fire hose hooked up to a header (depending on length and elevation gain of the conveyor).

How long does it take to install it?

Ninety percent of the system installation can be completed while the conveyor is running. The top panel replacement will require conveyors to be shut down for a short time.

How do I clean or change the nozzles?

The nozzle holders on our system are unhooked via a quick release, and then the nozzle is unscrewed and cleaned or replaced with a new nozzle. The deluge nozzles have integral filters to prevent debris in the line from clogging the nozzle.

What other tools are available from BE&E to control fire and explosions?

We have other bolt-in upgrades for SMART Conveyors™, such as flop gates, which allow the deluged material to be rejected immediately. We also offer explosion panels to release the explosion pressure before it can damage the conveyors.

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