Conveyor Manufacturer BE&E Supports Its Customers

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As manufacturers of drag conveyors and other material handling equipment, we take great pride in getting customers up and running quickly by providing them excellent support during and after startup.

Anyone who has commissioned industrial machinery understands that the process is rarely without obstacles. And afterward, kinks in the new system inevitably show up. Many equipment vendors disappear after the equipment gets running or drag their feet to provide additional support. However, don’t drop the ball when things go wrong.

And once we get things smoothed out, we rarely hear from our customers except when they need routine maintenance parts. No news is good news. It tells us things are going smoothly. Indeed, this is something we’ve heard repeatedly when we check back in.


But when problems do pop up, we promptly take care of our customers. For instance, Pleasant River Lumber in Enfield, Maine, experienced an issue with our conveyors, which damaged the machines.

Michael LeBrun, the mill’s General Manager, immediately reached out to BE&E for support. “The service when we had the maintenance issues was excellent,” he said during an interview in January 2023. “The techs that showed up followed up and followed up again. Tim made a special trip.[1] The president called us. They took it very seriously. They’re clearly proud of their products.”

Our support convinced Michael he could trust BE&E for additional orders, which he placed late in 2022. “I now have four conveyors on order, and I intend to order a fifth,” he said. “Now that I’ve had a taste of a proper conveyor, it’s going to be hard to go back.”


Support is one of the most important things a successful company can offer its customers, and we take this responsibility seriously. And what’s more, we use problems and customers’ feedback to improve our performance so we can continue to provide exceptional service to our customers—at startup and beyond.

[1] Tim Brown, BE&E’s sales representative to Pleasant River Lumber, Enfield.


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