Here at BE&E, we recognize that one size does not fit all, especially with conveyors. That’s why we have designed a smart line of conveyors that can be customized to serve you better. 

Let’s explore our options to find the best fit for you: 

SMART Conveyor™ 

There are many reasons why our SMART Conveyor™ really is the smart choice. Notably, we run our chains in dedicated channels outside the material path, which reduces overall friction within the machine. Because power is spent moving material instead of overcoming unnecessary friction, the SMART Conveyor™ requires a fraction of the power of other systems. In addition to reducing the horsepower requirements, its design reduces wear, as the paddles do not touch the walls of the conveyor. 

Simple components make assembly and maintenance easier than ever. For example, our curve wear strips can be replaced from outside the conveyor. The SMART Conveyor™ also comes fully enclosed to contain dust and offers enhanced safety features, making it the perfect choice for conveying bulk solids. This equipment regularly conveys materials that don’t flow well, such as biomass, and has expanded into applications in other industries, such as animal feed, wood, fertilizer, pellets, ethanol, etc. 

Pan Conveyor 

Our pan conveyors excel in handling odd-sized materials such as slabs or veneer waste. Because we designed them seamlessly without catch points, the conveyors will transport materials smoothly and without unnecessary buildup. In addition, these systems operate safely because they do not have the pinch points many other conveyors contain, such as pulleys or idler rollers. 

Our pan conveyors are also designed to reduce buildup under the return. Because rollers are only used in the tail section, dust collects in one spot for less mess. However, as with other belt conveyors, they will not fully contain dust. Note, too, that our pan conveyors are generally unavailable as standalone purchases. Rather, we will supply them as part of a package with other BE&E equipment. 

Choosing the Right Conveyor 

When choosing the conveyor that is right for your needs, there are many factors you should consider beyond price. For example, the weight and composition of the materials being conveyed, operational cost, environment, etc., should all be considered. With BE&E, you won’t need to worry about the reliability or efficiency of your equipment. We’ll help you pinpoint which system will work best for your application, whether it’s conveying pellets or transporting trimmings across your yard.

Ready to choose a conveyor that aligns with your business’s needs? Contact us!

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