The Case for BE&E Biomass Equipment

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Since its inception, BE&E has aimed to construct top-tier conveyors for the biomass market, a commitment that has catalyzed our growth within and beyond the wood-product industry. Over time, our product range has expanded, knowledge deepened, and equipment quality consistently enhanced. Those familiar with our journey have observed our evolution from a modest shop to a streamlined, multi-site enterprise with expanding capabilities and continually refined products.

Yet for newcomers, BE&E may seem like just another contender, because, despite our success, we still lack the prominence of some larger competitors. However, there are compelling reasons to consider our brand and our affiliate, VibraPro, over established corporations or made-to-order builds. Our equipment, value, experience, and support continually push industry norms, establishing higher standards for others to match. In other words, we’re fulfilling our mission.

If you want the best equipment at your facility, you need to work with the company that is leading innovation: BE&E.

But what distinguishes BE&E? What defines our value? And why do we claim that our equipment is better than others’? In brief, we address the common challenges encountered in purchasing, installing, and operating bulk-handling equipment—challenges inherent in conventional offerings from numerous renowned companies.

However, we recognize the need for specifics. Below, we outline several challenges customers encounter and precisely how our equipment resolves them. Additionally, explain why we’re the best choice: our value, expertise, and genuine commitment to customer service.


Our goal isn’t to be an equipment supplier. It’s to design and build the best machines in the world by applying real-world experience to our designs. Let’s run through part of our machinery lineup to explain how BE&E equipment addresses the shortcomings you deal with every day.

Drag Conveyors

Challenge BE&E’s Solution

  • Unplanned downtime
  • Maintenance
  • Cascading failures
  • Stress
Unplanned downtime can happen for many reasons, but our conveyors are designed to minimize emergency events:

  1. Engineered fail points keep small obstructions from immediately cascading into big issues.
  2. Chains run in dedicated channels and remain in place even if they break.
  3. Minimal metal-on-metal contact reduces wear.
  4.  Accurate sizing and load calculations based on highest load scenarios.
High Operational Costs

  • Maintenance
  • Time
  • Parts
  • Time stolen from optimizing system elsewhere
Many drag conveyors are notorious for requiring high maintenance. SMART Conveyors™ aren’t.

  1. Minimal steel-on-steel contact reduces wear.
  2. Paddles and chains don’t touch the side or bottom panels, reducing wear.
  3. Fail points protect critical components.
  4. Easy-to-access components reduce maintenance time.
High Operational Costs: Energy Consumption SMART Conveyors™ operate with less internal friction than most chain conveyors because our chains and paddles do not touch the floors or sidewalls. As a result, they commonly require half the horsepower of comparative models.
Limited Use SMART Conveyors™ are designed modularly and can be reconfigured. They can also run in long spans and at inclines up to 90°. Other conveyors do not offer such design flexibility.
NFPA® Compliance The NFPA® requires explosive dust to remain contained and for conveyors transporting it to remain structurally sound if an explosion were to occur. Our enclosed SMART Conveyors™ have undergone extensive simulated and field tests to ensure they’re safe.
Dust Control SMART Conveyors™ are fully enclosed and contain dust.


SMART Containers and SMART Floors

Challenge BE&E’s Solution
Inaccurate Feed Rates SMART Containers and SMART Floors remove material from the bottom of a pile and push it toward the discharge area, resulting in a reliable flow. Sliding-floor and chain-floor system move the entire pile, which sloughs off in large surges as it’s discharged.
Overflow When material packs around the discharge area of a typical feed device, the rest of the material piles on top of it and can overflow the holding area. This does not happen with SMART feed systems because they do not move the pile forward.
Bridging As the material pile moves forward in chain or slat-style bins, it can pack against the discharge wall and bridge over the exit. This does not occur with SMART Containers or SMART Floors because only a small portion of material moves forward with each stroke.
Difficult Maintenance Slat-floor feeders require access underneath the device to perform maintenance. SMART equipment does not—a simple hydraulic system can be accessed at the front or back of the floor, depending on the configuration.


Also, in silos, the reclaim arm is usually inaccessible if the unit is full of material. But our hydraulics are accessible even when the system is full.

Placement Silos require large foundations and cannot be placed on occupied land. However, SMART Conveyors only require small footers and can be placed inside existing structures, making placement easier.
High Installation Costs Silos require air permits, lots of concrete, and a lot of labor to build. SMART Floors and Containers take only a fraction of the time and cost to install.
Wear Both chain-floor and slat-floor feeder bins experience much wear due to the complexity of moving parts and steel-on-steel action. SMART Floors are simpler in their design, and their strokers glide on UHMW, not a metal floor.


BE&E’s Value

Besides excellent equipment, we offer tremendous value. We provide expert, turn-key solutions for bulk material handling. While EPCs also offer project management, they do not provide the same level of expertise that we can when it comes to moving materials. By the reality of what they are, EPCs are generalists when it comes to the specific components of the systems they design. We, on the other hand, specialize in material handling. Plus, our team has decades of operational experience they can draw upon when assisting customers. Many EPC engineers have never been to an actual production site!

In addressing value, our equipment must again come into the discussion. One way we provide values with our SMART Conveyors™ is by reducing what you spend on structural support. Virtually every conveyor manufacturer will only provide a quote for conveyor supports after you’ve purchased their equipment. We do it differently. We provide you the cost of the supports with the conveyor quote, meaning you get a clear picture of what it will cost to install the equipment. However, it’s not just that we provide you with a clear picture of the costs that’s impressive. It’s that our conveyors require so little support, only one vertical support every 40-60′! Other conveyors require extensive support work: vertical supports every 10-15′, trusswork, and I-beams that run parallel to the conveyor. No wonder they hide these costs until after you’ve purchased their conveyors!

Our equipment saves dollars on operational costs, as well. Our conveyors average half the horsepower of the drag systems we replace.

Our value also shines through our team’s knowledge. Two of our technical salesmen come from the forest-product industry. The other two have decades of experience in equipment sales to this industry. Our president, Dane Floyd, was formerly the operations manager in the wood veneer industry, as was our VP of Manufacturing, Jonathan Wokatsch. This means that our team speaks your language and intimately understands your challenges in a way that companies that don’t specialize in forest products cannot.

Besides our team’s knowledge, we have an extensive industry network of trusted manufacturers whom we work with to provide you top-notch systems when we’re called to manage a project. We have a certified PE engineer on staff, too, with 11 additional engineers, 8 of which serve in our engineering department.

Furthermore, our value comes from our customer service. Being based in the U.S.A. means our North American customers don’t have to deal with competing holiday schedules and vacation norms that put entire offices out of reach for months. Neither must they work around drastically different time zones or shipping delays caused from disruptions to international trade (think COVID, bridge collapse in Baltimore, Houthis attacking cargo vessels off Africa’s east coast).

We also stand by our products. BE&E SMART Conveyors™ come with an unprecedented 2-year warranty against factory defects—we’re that confident in our equipment! And when things do go awry, we don’t leave our customers out on a limb. Customers attest how attentive we are to their needs and how quickly we respond when trouble arises. We know that your success is ours—our reputation for excellence is important to protect, so we do all we can to make sure our products work well for you.

Have we piqued your interest? Learn more about our equipment and what differentiates us from the competition at