Bent Paddle Fingers

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Is your conveyor suffering?

The paddle fingers are bent back at enough of an angle to place additional stress on the chains, wear strips, and floor. Once the fingers bend past their ability to spring back, they are now wedging the material against the floor and forcing the chain up into the upper wear strip. This wedging action increases the friction load, requiring more power to do the work. It increases the wear on the floor surface and the wear strips, shortening their life.

This situation can come from a plugged outlet chute or a flooded inlet. There may be a problem with your plug sensor at the outlet chute.

Don’t allow your system to fail in the winter when the demand is greatest.

What To Do

If you are experiencing this issue, we recommend the following:

  • Immediately replace the damaged paddles and any paddle frames that are rolled.
  • Check the plug detectors to be sure they are working correctly.
  • Increase the inspections to watch for what is causing this.
  • Ensure that there are controls in place to prevent this and TEST them occasionally to be sure they function as needed.

If you choose to have our service team do the repairs, they will replace the parts, inspect the entire system, adjust as required, and test everything at startup.

This is easily done in one day, and it’s a good time to check over the container and hydraulics system to be sure you are ready for colder weather as well.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you are experiencing issues.