BE&E Installs Conveyor, Receiving Bin for Boiler Fuel

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HAMILTON, NEW YORK—BE&E has installed its newly developed trailer receiving station at Colgate University. The receiving station accepts bulk loads from moving-floor trailers and meters the material into an S-Series SMART Conveyor™, which BE&E also designed and installed. The system is designed to handle green chips, which Colgate University uses for boiler fuel.

The receiving station benefits the university in that it greatly reduces the amount of manual labor staff must complete after a shipment. Before installing the bin, staff would receive bulk shipments and then pile the fuel indoors using a skid steer loader. The process was cumbersome and created a mess.

Now, much of the receiving process is automated and far cleaner. The new station allows trailers to unload in less than 30 minutes at a rate of 80 tons per hour, a rate which Dane Floyd, president of BE&E, is confident he can improve. “We can get it down to 15 minutes,” he said.

Pictures and videos of the installation are available on the company’s website,

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