2021 Machine Updates

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Improving Our Bulk-Handling Equipment

At BE&E, we’re never quite satisfied with our machine lineup. We’re constantly analyzing (then re-analyzing) our designs and pondering what products we may add to satisfy our customers’ demands.

In doing so, we’ve come up with several additions and changes to our equipment line, which enable us to offer you even better products than those we manufactured at this time last year.

Among these changes include the addition of our Quad Screw Bin, a containerized feed system that provides faster discharge rates than our SMART Containers. Customers have proven enthusiastic about the design from the start, with one placing an order a mere weeks after we developed the concept.

Other changes to our lineup have been more technical. For our SMART Conveyors™, we’re now offering a tri-braze liner, which provides good wear protection at a lower cost than AR steel. We’ve also developed:

  • Diverter gates
  • Access windows
  • Head-end access windows

Conveyor rendering with access doors

Pictured is a rendering of a T-Series conveyor with an access window.

Besides these additions, we’ve spent much time this past year improving our conveyor designs in general. Work has included:

  • Standardizing gearmotor sizes
  • Changing our standard gearmotors from SEW to Nord.
  • Simplifying the take-up adjustments for our M- and T-Series
  • Continued study and development of NFPA-compliant components (blast panels, flameless vents, etc.)
  • Improving the design of our paddle brackets, M- and T-Series tube supports, M- and T-Series torque mounts, and M-Series feet
  • Overall simplification of our S-, M-, and T-Series

Centering bin

Pictured is the outlet hood we designed for our SMART Containers.

Beyond conveyors, we’ve also redesigned the outlet hood for our SMART Containers, and we redesigned our disc screener to achieve higher capacities through a modular approach.

We’re still hard at work refining our machines, and we don’t plan on stopping. In doing this, we ensure our customers get the best equipment possible with every repeat order. Plus, we want our customers to tell others about how well our products perform.

View our line card here with a list of our products and services.

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