2 Options for Dust Control

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Dust is an inevitable byproduct of manufacturing lumber or other wood products, and how you manage that dust can affect your environmental impact.

If you want to control your dust better and reduce your impact, BE&E can assist in two ways.

  1. Better dust containment. BE&E’s SMART Conveyors™, disc screens, bins, and SMART Containers can all be designed to contain dust in a fully enclosed system. There are no pulleys or belts off which dust can fall. This results in a cleaner work environment and less cleanup time for your crew.
  2. Better dust storage. Storing biomass exposed on the ground allows tannins, lignins, and other chemicals to leach from the material in a concentrated quantity. If not managed, these chemicals can enter surrounding waterways, potentially affecting their health. Exposing dust and other biomass to the weather can also degrade their quality (if anything, increasing their moisture content), reducing their usefulness for some secondary products.

BE&E’s SMART Containers and covered storage buildings can help. SMART Containers can be designed to keep water out, leaving your biomass dry and ready for use on demand. Buildings obviously do the same. Both these solutions are equipped with push-pull floors for automated reclaim, saving you the time and energy required to operate a front loader to further handle the material.

More information about BE&E’s equipment is available at www.BEandE.com. If you want to read about a customer who cleaned up their operation using our SMART Conveyors™—and see the results—do so by clicking the following link now: Challenger Pallet Case Study.